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Mission Robotics Software Support for Trident ROV

Mission Robotics is working on a software platform, built on top of ROS2, for marine robots. The Sofar Ocean Technologies Trident is one of the devices that we are evaluating supporting in the system. If you are interested in having Trident supported, we want to hear from you.

These are a few of the features (subject to change based on feedback) we plan to bring to the system:

  • New software would be installed alongside the current Sofar software, allowing you to switch back and forth as you desire.
  • The software would be built to support the existing ecosystem of ROS2 libraries and frameworks. This allows for easy and straightforward integration of user software.
  • There would be scripts in place to allow for WiFi payloads to be added to the system.
  • Telemetry file recording would be supported with timestamps matched to videos.
  • The user interface will be an open-source Qt app. This would allow one to extend the user interface in addition to the vehicle software.

If you would be interested in such a software product, please let us know by filling out this short survey.

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